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Media Pitch: Home-Grown Success: Ecoslay Founder Shares Her Story

Updated: Aug 22, 2023

Atlanta has long been a city rich with Black culture and history, and known for being the ‘Black mecca’. More than half of the city's population is Black, according to the U.S. Census, and business ownership within the community is on the rise. For someone who has experienced that growth firsthand as a Black women entrepreneur, look no further than Adria Marshall.

As a Black woman, she struggled to find products that worked for her hair. So she made her own. Beginning in her Atlanta kitchen, Adria created Ecoslay – an innovative home hair care brand and Black-owned business. Her gardening skills came in handy as she grew her home business to success. The products have gone from home orders to spots in dozens of salons and stores worldwide. These days people want to feel beautiful in their own skin, and Ecoslay fulfills that by restoring people’s confidence in themselves.

Look to her social media for proof. Adria has cultivated a massive 40,000 followers on Instagram, which has proven to be a successful way to promote her signature line of products – like the curl-perfecting Orange Marmalade or the Hot Sauce Pre-Poo/Hot Oil Treatment for a healthy scalp. The latest concoction from her kitchen is the Chai Latte cleanser, with more to come soon. All products are also packaged in sustainable containers – ditching plastic bottles for reusable jars and eco-friendly pouches to prioritize and protect the planet.

Adria is more than just a business owner; she’s a wife, a mom and a strong woman with spirit and skill who gives back to her community. She’s also a mentor. Her company’s motto is ‘Reach One, Teach One.’

“It’s important to take the knowledge you’ve acquired and pay it forward to the next generation of entrepreneurs. Being a mentor to many up-and-coming minds has enormous benefits for everyone involved,” she said. “For the American dream to succeed for others, we need to focus on education, health and wellness, respecting the environment, and respecting humanity.”

With Ecoslay, Adria has shown that natural, eco-friendly ingredients can transform hair and create a business culture where everyone helps each other learn and grow.

Please let me know if you’re interested in interviewing Adria for any upcoming features or if you’d like to review any Ecoslay products. Her inspirational story of a journey of the American Dream is sure to resonate with your audience.

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