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Media Pitch: Australian Dads ‘Stick It’ to Mosquitoes

Updated: Aug 22, 2023

Australian Dads ‘Stick It’ to Mosquitoes by Creating the Natural Patch

Mosquitoes love to make their mark on your skin, but the founders of The Natural Patch Co. had enough of it. They wanted to find a unique, new way to tell mosquitoes to buzz off.

Created by two dads in Australia, Michael Jankie and Gary Tramer, The Natural Patch Co. started as a dinner table discussion. Their kids loved playing outside, but didn’t love the bug bites that came with them. What was a family to do? They noticed their kids rubbing Citronella candles on their clothes, and that sparked an idea.

That’s when they came up with The Natural Patch Co., which has quickly become the world’s #1 all-natural, non-spray shield. Kids stick the fun, colorful smiley-face BuzzPatch full of good-smelling natural essential oils to their clothing to create an invisibility cloak and stop mosquitoes from swarming their skin. Unlike regular bug spray, these patches don’t use DEET, picaridin or any other nasty and potentially harmful chemicals.

These dads wanted to think of a solution for everything, too. If someone gets the dreaded bite, the MagicPatch provides fast relief by draining the bite of the itchiness. Regular itch creams need constant reapplication, but the MagicPatch lasts for days.

Since The Natural Patch Co. was created, these dads have seen their success flourish as their business has grown globally with families buying up their products and taking them out to test them with Mother Nature. The evidence is in their reviews. Parents call the BuzzPatch and the MagicPatch fantastic and fabulous, amazing, easy-to-use, and fun – plus affordable, and worth every penny.

If you’re looking for successful entrepreneurs or just want to know what the buzz is all about, we’re happy to connect you with The Natural Patch Co. founders.

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